Signing people up, getting people in

Given the amount of the incentive that we were offering (and the number of people who expressed interest), I definitely wasn’t expecting to have any trouble getting people to show up or sign up for the interviews. Again, I learned something. In order to get 27 participants to actually show up, I think I invited almost 100 people.

I used a scheduled app called Calendly, which I highly recommend. You setup time blocks of availability, tell the app how long each meeting should be and at what interval they should be offered, fill in a few other details, and then you can send out a link to your participants. They just choose a time, everyone gets an email, and it’s that easy!

Many people I invited to sign up never did. A handful signed up but no-showed and never rescheduled. I just really can’t understand skipping out on easy money. But who knows!

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