There was another round of back and forth with the IRB application (I forgot to upload an attachment—the system is kind of complex), and finally we were approved! Unfortunately it was the day before spring break, so we decided to wait until Tuesday after break (Monday emails tend to get lost) to start advertising to participants.

Best news so far: within the first HOUR, we had over 100 people sign up to do the study. That is Huge™

Misti and I anticipated that we would have a good response rate: music students tend to be more active/involved and apt to participate, but this was better than we could have hoped for. We ended up with about 225 completed surveys (people to choose from). Qualtrics made it easy to download and manipulate the data. I started with taking out people who weren’t really in the target groups, then randomly assigning ID numbers, and randomly choosing participants to invite for interviews.

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