IRB edits

Once all our ducks were in a row, we submitted our IRB application—a detailed questionnaire and six accompanying documents. It’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting! It took about a week and we got a response: they felt a few things were missing or unclear. We described a selection survey that collected demographic and contact information (we were planning on using the survey responses to select participants so we could have the sample we wanted); the use of it wasn’t completely clear and the reviewer wanted to specific what would be done with that data. The reviewer also felt that our search tasks fell into their definition of “benign behavior interventions”—just a checkbox. One of the reviewer’s notes did surprise me: they wanted to know how we were planning to send the email advertising the study; a little unexpected, but luckily our library director is also head of IT for the School of Music, so he has access to their email distribution lists. There were a few other small things on the study info sheet (the selection survey again(!) and the audio recording).

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