Reflecting on the Experience

Overall, this internship has been a very rewarding experience. Having worked in the field of digitizing analog audio as an amateur for over 10 years, I already had a good understanding of the basics for this field coming into it, but I still learned a lot from this internship. Among other things, I learned some of the finer points of how various analog media formats work, and considerations for what can happen to them as they age and how to preserve them. I also learned about professional approaches used in digitizing media, and how to implement such a project on a large scale. I have already begun to incorporate many aspects of MDPI’s approach to digitization into my own digitization process. While I could have learned many of these things on my own, I wouldn’t have gotten the information directly from people with a high degree of expertise in the field. There were also many things I would have had difficulty learning elsewhere, as being at MDPI gave me first-hand experience with equipment that I cannot currently afford.
At times, I wished there could’ve been more variety in the tasks that I did while I was there. However I realize that what was available to do at a given time wasn’t under my control, as pretty much every task was dictated by what the team was focusing on at the time.
I enjoyed my time at MDPI, and I recommend to anyone who is interested in working with a recorded music collection.

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