Week 11: Variety as the End Approaches

This was my penultimate full week at MDPI. As this experience begins to draw to a close, so does the routine of quality control and cleaning records. The record cleaning and cassette tape preparation did continue, but I also did some new things and some things I had only been shown previously.
On Tuesday the thing I did in this category was inspecting records. The main purpose of inspecting them is to determine which needle size the engineers should use when digitizing it. This process involves measuring the width of the grooves of the records by looking at them with a microscope. I had been shown this process several weeks ago, but it had been long enough that I needed a quick reminder of how to do it at first. Looking into a microscope to measure the width of a bunch of small lines can be hard on the eyes, but I got the hang of it after a while.
On Wednesday I shadowed the video engineer while he digitized some VHS tapes. He walked me through how the process works, and then I helped him prepare a box of tapes that still need to be digitized. Later that day, I was shown how to splice broken cassette tapes back together. I had done that before with my own tapes on occasion, but I’ve done it without access to the kinds of tools they have, so it was good to see how it’s done with the ideal equipment with guidance from those who are more experienced with it than I am.

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