Week 10: Continuing Routine and New Tasks Ahead

This week was similar to previous ones, my main tasks were cleaning records and running quality control on some cassette tapes. The records I cleaned were sixteen inch instead of the usual ten or twelve inch ones I’ve been working with before, so that was a slight change of pace. Most of the tapes I worked on were from the University Archives and instructional tapes from Wells library.
On Thursday I talked with one of my supervisors about the possibility of shadowing the A/V engineers later this month. The two main people I’ve been working with will be out of the office in future weeks, so that will be a good opportunity to work with them. I’ll be meeting with my main supervisor on Tuesday next week to talk about the details of this change. I already have some experience with digitizing analog recordings in my own collection, so I’m looking forward to seeing the differences and similarities between our approaches.

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