Week 8

This week was a slight return to previous routines, but with some new tasks as well. I spent some time running quality control on some cassette tape recordings. The quality control process for this format is much faster compared to video quality control, but the tapes were somewhat interesting so I listened to more of them than I needed to. They were interviews with writers for Esquire magazine from the 1960s.
The other main task I did this week was putting finished lacquer discs in their proper boxes. Each digitized item has a barcode to make it easier to track in a database as it proceeds through the digitization process and ensure that it gets returned to the right place when MDPI is finished with it. Because of this, when I’m putting items away for them to be returned, I can’t just put them in a random box. Each item is assigned to a specific box, so the first step when repacking them is to scan their barcodes in the database to see where they belong. I also spent time replacing the sleeves of the records with acid-free ones.
On Thursday morning I went to a brief meeting with my supervisors to talk about issues we’d noticed when running quality control on recorded DVDs. I had run into more problems that most of the other folks there, so my input was quite useful for this issue.

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