Week 7: Learning More

This week at MDPI started out like the previous ones, but it became more varied later on. On Tuesday I did my usual routine of video quality control. The videos I looked at were somewhat interesting. My queue included underwater footage of a shipwreck, a Russian film from the early 1990s, and footage of events held by the Black Filmmaker’s Hall of Fame during the 1980s.
Later in the week on Thursday, after a morning of disc cleaning, I learned some new things. While I had lunch I attended a presentation from MDPI’s film department, where they explained their approach to digitizing IU’s film collections. I don’t have any experience with film preservation and digitization, so it was useful information. Later in the day I was shown how to inspect open-reel tapes to prepare them for digitization. I had operated an open-reel tape machine only once before, so I still had to deal with a learning curve, but the constant playing, winding, and loading that the process involves will allow me to get familiar with this format pretty quickly. It is likely that this will become one of my other common tasks, and I look forward to doing more of it.

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