Week 5: Starting a Routine

With my first month at MDPI having passed, I am mostly done with onboarding. Last week I was trained on 2 of my main tasks: cleaning records and running quality control on transferred videos; this week I spent most of my time doing those tasks on my own. I get the sense that this will be my routine for most of this internship.

You may be wondering what I mean by running quality control. MDPI works with a company called Memnon that makes mass-transfers of from less at-risk media (recordings that don’t require close supervision from an experienced audio-video engineer during the digitizing process). People in quality control are sent a random sample of recent transfers and they have to look them over to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in the metadata (information about the file) and to check for defects in the transfer. This process gets kind of repetitive, but the media involved can make it interesting. Lately Memnon’s been transferring VHS tapes and burned DVDs. I’ve quite enjoyed looking a the tapes from IU’s music library and the DVDs of independent and foreign films from the Black Film Archive, however the DVDs of 10 year old CSPAN broadcasts of congressional sessions I’ve also had to watch have been less exciting.
Cleaning records is more straightforward. I apply a tergitol solution to the records, rinse it off with water and then I put it on a high-speed turntable that sucks up the water with a small vacuum.
I’m starting to get used to this routine, but I’m looking forward to any other projects that will come for me in the future.

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