Delegation of tasks

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that in smaller organizations, the person reaching out to me is almost always the person listed on the BeInvolved at IU page as the president. But in larger organizations, there is usually an intern or a club board member who gets back to me. That’s why I’m always surprised if a person credited as a club or organization’s founder or president reaches out to me to confirm they got their email. I think it bodes well for a club agreeing to work with us if the member with the most authority is the one who responds. However, I also like working with interns too, because I feel like we have something in common right away. I believe that working with RPSL could be really good for them, because it doesn’t require them to do anything overly taxing, but it will still give them experience organizing an event. That’s why I’m perfectly happy to correspond with another student!

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