Because this internship involves making a small searchable database, I’ve had to come up with a controlled vocabulary. For example, for the both the Latino Cultural Center and the Asian Culture center, I use the term ‘cultural understanding.’ However, many organizations also get a keyword that is unique to them. For example, the Asian Culture Center often does events for the Lunar New Year. So for their entry, they have ‘Lunar New Year’ listed. My ultimate goal is for the keyword searching to be just as helpful to future Center Supervisors as searching by title.

But would it make more sense to focus on title searches? Actually, no! Part of the purpose of this list is to help future Center Supervisors find organizations they may not have heard of before. If they don’t know the organization’s name, it doesn’t matter how good title searching is – they won’t find what they’re looking for. Therefore, the keywords have to help them identify which organizations are, for example, focused on health wellness.

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