Response times

One interesting thing I’ve noticed throughout this internship is that organizations who have their president’s email listed as their preferred method of contact are not necessarily less likely to respond to my inquiries than any other organizations. I think this is possibly because if the club email is also the president’s personal email, it’s more likely that the president will see it. The organizations who have consistently not gotten back to me are those who have a non-IU gmail account for their organizations. It seems like the better-established clubs and organizations are assigned institutional emails from IU, whereas those that are just starting up will use their own. But this makes me wonder: at what point do you receive an IU-affiliated mail address for your organization? When are you considered fully established?

Questions like these aren’t really relevant to my internship or my future career. I just find it interesting to note. When I leave my current position, I will leave behind instructions for this project in case anyone would like to go through and try and again to see if they can get more responses. I’ll add notes like these in for the next person so that they can manage their time wisely!

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