How NOT to start an IU organization or club

One big reason I think I haven’t gotten a whole lot of responses is that many organizations have either a non-IU affiliated gmail account or, worse yet, the president or vice president’s student email. A non-IU affiliated gmail account is the better of these two options, but I think there are still problems there. For […]


Because this internship involves making a small searchable database, I’ve had to come up with a controlled vocabulary. For example, for the both the Latino Cultural Center and the Asian Culture center, I use the term ‘cultural understanding.’ However, many organizations also get a keyword that is unique to them. For example, the Asian Culture […]

Response times

One interesting thing I’ve noticed throughout this internship is that organizations who have their president’s email listed as their preferred method of contact are not necessarily less likely to respond to my inquiries than any other organizations. I think this is possibly because if the club email is also the president’s personal email, it’s more […]