American Indian Studies Research Institute. Spring 2019. Week 12.

As I am only just tidying up around here before I graduate, I was able to add 1 more record to the AISRI publications sheet I started, but it was a doozy. I wish I had stumbled on it earlier because learning how to cite it in the first place, and then how to map the citation to the metadata sheet, is becoming an intense learning experience. This book was more of a project, in quarterly journal, with several different authors and contributors of different essays. I have practiced citations since undergrad, but this represents one of the most difficult types. I may or may not figure it out before my time is up.

I have also stepped away from the grants research since there are a significant number of entries in the spreadsheet at this point, and fairly exhaustive information gathering went into adding those particular grants. At this point, I have to get creative when I start a search because I’ll revisit a lot of the same ground I already covered. I started looking up similar institutions and projects and learning which agencies funded them, but there is still a lot of overlap of agencies which I’ve already evaluated, so I feel like I have learned so much about grants in this particular field, and I intend to continue learning more about them on my own time, or possibly for another employer someday.

I created my final presentation for this Spring internship, and now this is my final blog post, but I am not feeling as relieved to walk away from the institute as I am to be done with my classes. Coming here was the beginning of a lifelong commitment to administer the revitalization of Native languages and cultures. In fact, a documentary I saw about Pine Ridge as a kid was the beginning of the commitment that led me here, so there is no doubt the path will continue from here, and will build from these enlightening experiences, working directly with other people assisting Pine Ridge. I never understood how I could help, and to learn that there are ways has given my life more meaning and purpose. I am armed now with very powerful tools to empower Native communities to represent themselves, and my greatest wish is that more students will find their way to this information.

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