Spring 2019. American Indian Studies Research Institute. Week 10.

Here is the list I promised in my last entry. My last 2 entries will explain these experiences in greater detail.

Fall 2018

  • Renamed hundreds of Assiniboine sound files from their numerical identifier to the actual work contained in the file. Required extensive research with print and digital tools and constant consultation with Josh to learn the language. I managed to learn so many roots words, etc. that I could tell when a file was cut short.
  • Gathered metadata for dozens of items hanging on walls and sitting on desks in AISRI. This involved researching each item to trace provenance, where possible. I renamed the jpg images of these items to contain the Title, Creator, and Year of the work.
  • Began applying analog archiving methods to documentation of the Ella Deloria Archive project in a file cabinet outside the restroom upstairs: Bound items with acid-free paper, put items in folders and marked folders and items with numerical order.
  • Installed free trial of ABBYY FineReader 14 to test some optical character recognition of pages from “Dakota Way of Life” by Ella Deloria. Completed OCR of 100 pages before trial ran out. I reformatted them in Word and converted to searchable pdf’s. Travis was pleased with the output, so he ordered the software. Once again, I learned the content from reading it closely.
  • Shifted, cleaned, and organized the inventory in the closet in Josh’s office. I posted the new inventory inside the closet door.
  • Created first pass sheet and metadata for publications associated with AISRI researchers and informants. This entails locating books on the shelves that I don’t know anything about, but I have complete records for 8 books now. I also learned which books already have ISBN info available through the Library of Congress. Also from this experience, I recognized the names of collaborators from browsing the file cabinets, so even passively, I have learned a lot about the collaborative relationships that created AISRI projects throughout the years.
  • On-demand digitization for research requests. (Pawnee dialect surveys) Scanned, combined & converted to Adobe, and emailed. Stored in shared folder.

Spring 2019

  • Digitization, image editing, metadata, data cleanup, and some physical preservation of box of Pawnee, Kitsai, and Chitimacha photos taken by Alexander Lesser in 1931.
  • Researching grants and other funding agencies. Started spreadsheet, with metadata explicitly requested by AISRI faculty to fit their priorities.
  • Located NEH/NSF Documenting Endangered Languages grant that was originally approved for Assiniboine Narratives Project and began developing it for the current open cycle.
  • Compiled separate document to share background info for grants that only our research associates in affiliated tribes are eligible to apply for.
  • Compiled separate document listing names of community, individual, and foundation philanthropists that AISRI can send their new fundraising page to.
  • Wrote rough draft of text for AISIR’s IU Day crowdfunding page.
  • Data cleanup of first pass sheet for Publications by AISRI researchers and informants.
  • Weekly blogs

I will not be able to help researcher for Assiniboine Narratives project format the interlinear translations for pdf storage and I will not get to OCR any more of “Dakota Way of Life” by Ella Deloria because we probably won’t receive the license for the program in time.

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