American Indian Studies Research Institute: Week 5

As the list of grant sources piles up, I find myself needing…you guessed it! A spreadsheet!

The sheet for grant info is helping me to learn to identify parts of grants as I map the metadata to different programs and categories. Since we’ve downloaded and experimented with SQL in Digital Humanities, I might use this sheet for more practice with the browser when I’m done.

Here are a few examples I found that may be helpful to others researching Humanities grants. NEH has Preservation, Access, Research and Development grants to digitize collections, create archives, or develop reference resources for Humanities collections. Their Office of Challenge Grants also has a grant for Infrastructure and Capacity Building to cover revitalization of existing digital projects. Specific to the needs of AISRI, which we may be exploring further, is the National Science Foundation grant for Documenting Endangered Languages. AISRI holdings are called Cultural heritage materials, and I am learning a lot about “applications for projects that study, document, or create digital representations of lost or imperiled cultural heritage materials” that will exponentially useful for any institution or repository with cultural heritage materials.

I was informed of another potential project to which I could contribute, one that would help AISRI complete more work on the Assiniboine Narratives project. There are several works which have been translated and represented in digital text, but not formatted. I will be taught formatting guidelines for making the rough translations into the polished Assiniboine and English sentences that people will be able to read on the page. I’m excited to begin that project when I can because it’s always a privilege for the chance to read through the material. Now that AISRI has made several mp3 files available on the Assiniboine Narratives site, I also have the chance to hear some of them.

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