We Did It!

This was it. The final week of the internship at CNN. The week has by no means been easy. From the aftermath of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend, to trying to finish up any and all projects that I have been working on, there has been no letting up. But, on a lighter note, so many things have happened!

First, an update on the Impossible Task. I managed to figure out the dataframe issues I was having. So, I was then able to test it on a sample set to see if I could start dropping rows based on certain conditions. And I could. Which means, that challenge that I accepted a few weeks ago? CHALLENGE COMPLETED. What I think is so cool is that none of us thought that this program could work. We thought we could try a bunch of different things, but the end result would not affect anything. And then it ended up working. This program, along with my web scraping project, are by far my two greatest accomplishments of the summer.

I had a meeting with the archives director Friday afternoon to show him how the Impossible Task program worked. I did tell him that I was shocked it actually worked, but I am so glad that it does. I walked him through exactly what each section of code meant and what it did to and for the information we wanted to pull. He said that it all looked great, and he is looking forward to digging into it more and potentially implementing it for his team. He said the work I did will more than likely make their jobs a lot easier. And that makes me feel incredibly proud.

I also had my last meetings with my supervisors to recap everything that I did over the summer. They reassured me that everything I did this summer will be beneficial to the future of the department. I guess I never realized just how much work I did this summer until it was all said and done. I think a big reason for that is because it has been such enjoyable work. I am doing the things I love and seeing the difference it makes in real time.

We also had a big internship send off party on Thursday over at the Techwood campus (Cartoon Network, TCM, and all those Warner Media company offices are over there). All the interns from across the company got together to play games, eat snacks and ice cream, and have one last group bonding session before we all head our separate ways this summer.

I made sure to walk through a few special places at CNN Center before I walked out the doors. The Newsroom, in particular; the terrace, where I would eat lunch with my friends; and just standing in the atrium looking at everything. I have learned so much through this internship and I am so grateful for the time that I have spent here.

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