Mapping, Scripting, and Networking, Oh My!

So much has happened this week!

I have been dividing my time between three different tasks each day. I start every morning reviewing articles that were published the previous day to verify the accuracy of the tags that were applied. This is helping train the computer algorithm to pull the correct tag based on the content of a story. I read about seventeen of these articles each day.

I have then been spending a majority of my days either researching or practicing coding in Python. Specifically, I’ve been looking at documentation on web scraping. How to do it, what results it can give, and more than anything, how it can make life easier in certain research scenarios. So far, I have learned a lot. I have managed to scrape information off web pages I downloaded. The next step will entail figuring out how to scrape from a live website. Looks like I have a ton more reading ahead of me.

When I need breaks from coding or reading, I am still mapping the Google categories to our existing taxonomy term list. It has been a bit of a challenge making sure that I am getting every layer of the hierarchy mapping to the correct path. But once we have it all done, we can ensure that all the tags are pointing to the right content.

We also had an intern session dedicated to professionalism. We went over the usual basics, resume and cover letter building, interview etiquette, networking, and how to make your way through the media industry. I will admit that I felt like I did not learn much. This is due in part to a few things. First, as a graduate student, all of the resume and cover letter stuff is very remedial for me. I have attended classes with career services both in my graduate and undergraduate programs. Some of my actual academic classes also had sessions related to professional development. Overall, I heard the same things that I have heard for the last few years. Also, so much of the presentation was, again, how to make it in the entertainment industry. The work I do, it is not specific to the entertainment industry. The other interns are incredibly cutthroat, particularly when it comes to air time and getting stories written. I think it may be best for me to just keep my head down and do the work I know how to do and enjoy where I am doing it.

With it being already a quarter of the way through the program, I still enjoy going to work every day. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the summer progresses!

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