Searching MCHC’s Records

Our overarching goal for this project is twofold. First, we need to make sure every item is accounted for in the PastPerfect system. Second, we need for the items to be discoverable and easily identifiable. As I get deeper into the collections, I am finding more documents that have never been added to PastPerfect or that have errors in their entries. Often one of these documents will just stump me, and I have to consult the MCHC records of the acquisition. For accessions before 1995, catalog cards for every item are available. This is helpful particularly when a number has been misread and the entry for the item I am looking at does not match its own entry in PastPerfect. The card confirms exactly which item has been assigned that number.

For accessions after 1995 we have the gift paperwork, which enumerates the items given by the donor. These tend to have less description but are also helpful.  Becoming familiar with the documentation that exists outside of the database is a skill that I can see being useful in future archival work. I have been to several smaller institutions that rely on paper records, and I am glad to have gotten this experience and been able to delve a little deeper into MCHC’s own history with an object.

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