Making Decisions

A week or two ago I briefly mentioned that I had come across documents in the collection that had been labeled like 0000.000.0000a-z despite being stapled together, unable to be physically separated or divorced form each others’ contexts. I’ve likewise mentioned before that sometimes items are not yet entered into PastPerfect, giving me more space to make decisions about how they are recorded. Now that I am most of the way through my internship, I feel much more confident making decisions about the collection, so when I found some of these stapled a-z documents that had not yet been entered into the system, I proposed a change to my supervisor.

 I explained to Hillary how they had originally been numbered, and said that I believe this to be a waste of digital space as well as dangerous for the document; getting a scan of the second page would require me to crease fragile paper in the scanner, leaving it vulnerable to damage. I asked if I could instead create only one record, leaving out any letter modifiers, and simply note in the description that it is a stapled document. She agreed that this was a more appropriate way to handle the records and would not be a detriment to discovery by those in the future.

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