Completing My Assigned Work

As of today, the 27th, I have completed all of my assigned boxes. I still have twenty more hours, or two weeks, left to fulfill my internship requirements, so I asked Hillary how she would like me to utilize this time. Earlier in the summer another intern was unable to stay on and forfeited her assigned boxes, meaning there was plenty of work left for us remaining interns to pick up.

I feel satisfied having gotten through all of my work in an efficient manner. Upon completion, Hillary queried the database for the old location information, a way to see if I missed any documents that had previously been entered into PastPerfect. I had very few of these errors and was able to go back to all of them and fix my mistakes in twenty minutes or so. I am glad that my workflow was as successful as I believed it to be.

It feels a bit daunting that I will not be able to finish all of these extra boxes. I would have loved to have finished the project, but I only have limited time left with MCHC. It is a good illustration of the ever-changing nature of the MCHC workforce, however. Interns will continue this summer project in the fall; these interns will make their own decisions, find their own flow, and approach the documents in their own ways. Ultimately, I have to be satisfied that I did my best work, informed by my qualifications, and I was able to help the MCHC build a better, though not perfect, digital record of their collections.

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