800 Seasons

Today one of the other interns and I were able to wander around campus in order to take pictures for our 800 Seasons exhibit that’s opening in August. It was a beautiful day and the weather was finally starting to warm up. There is a 200 year old tree on campus near the IMU. We’ve been trying to get pictures of it during every season in order to see how it changes. Today we were able to get some good pictures since many of the leaves are budding. Afterwards we headed back to the Mathers Museum and I continued some of my research on various historical sites around Bloomington. Today I researched the old RCA plant. Its history is significant to Bloomington because it provided thousands of jobs until it closed in the late 90’s. It also helped the war effort during WWII. I’ve been learning so much about Bloomington by doing research for this exhibit. I’m sad that I will no longer be a part of the museum once 800 Seasons opens up.

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