Now that we are done with the Shipibo Exhibit setup, we are finished setting up any new exhibits until August, and unfortunately my internship will end before then. The exhibit that’s coming in August is called 800 Seasons, and it will be about how the landscape of Bloomington has changed over the years. The museum is going to be using an app called Clio, which is an app that allows users to visit various historical places and find information about them. It’s really quite ingenious, especially for people who would like to learn the history of Bloomington, Indiana (or anywhere else for that matter). So, I was given an administrative password for the museum in order to do research and make edits to the Clio app. Researching the history of Bloomington has been quite fascinating. I didn’t have much knowledge about this town prior to doing this, and being a history buff, I’m having a really great time doing research about it. I’ve learned so much about the history of IU, the founding of Bloomington, how its changed over the years, the water reservoirs, wooded areas, buildings, etc. I miss doing exhibit setup because I was on my feet most of the time, and I prefer to be active as opposed to sitting at a desk. However, finding this information has been so exciting that I’m not even really thinking about it.

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