Shipibo Setup

Saturday I went into the museum early to help with our Shipibo Exhibit that’s opening after spring break. The International School of Indianapolis brought some of their cultural anthropology high school students in to help with setup. Frederic Allamel and his wife Bernadette are the Shipibo collectors and hold doctorates in social anthropology. They both helped with the artifacts and setup on Saturday. It was endearing to see high school students get so excited about handling artifacts. It took us about 8 hours to get most of the exhibit done. Again, the part that took the longest was dressing the mannequins in some of the artifacts. One of them had a belt that was made out of thousands of beads and was very heavy. It took about 2 hours of fumbling with it before we got it to stay without the risk of damaging the artifact. We had to clean all the plexiglass before hand and make sure we handled it with gloves so we wouldn’t get fingerprints all over it. Luckily we had already planned the layout of most of the items the week before, so all we really had to do was place the items in their correct spots and add labels. However, we did end up adjusting things around a little bit in order to ensure the presentation would be immaculate. It was a really interesting day and I learned a lot about the behind the scenes aspect of setting up exhibits. Everyone worked really hard and put in their best effort.

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