Week 6

Today we dressed mannequins in order to prep for our newest exhibit on Mexico. The artifacts needed to be brought up from collections. We have a padded museum cart that ensures the artifacts’ safety. There’s a large service elevator that is used for bringing artifacts up to the museum floor. The head curator, another intern and I both helped prep the mannequins for the Mexico artifacts. To my surprise, dressing mannequins with materials that have to be handled with care is more difficult than one would think. The clothes were for a female, so we had to make the mannequins look more womanly. This included adding breasts and hips. We have to take care not to put any pins through the artifacts, so getting them to stay on the mannequins can be tricky. We fumbled with the skirt for a significant amount of time until we resorted to having to add a couple pins in it. We initially tried to tie it up with cloth string, but the skirt was so heavy that it wouldn’t stay up. Luckily putting the shirt on the mannequin wasn’t as difficult as getting the skirt to stay on. Next week we’ll be opening the Mexico exhibit to the public.

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