Week 5

Today we rearranged some of our storage rooms. We have two major storage rooms on the museum floor. One of them is called the “Stable” because it houses a life-sized plastic horse named Gallop. We usually keep some of the exhibit artifacts locked in there when we’re waiting to set them up on the museum floor for whatever exhibit we are prepping for. The second major storage room is called the “Unstable” because it tends to lean more towards being unorganized. Our job today was to try and rearrange the Unstable. We moved several museum cases back into the Unstable and it seemed a lot like playing Tetris. It is imperative that we make the most out of the spaces we’re given, so we had to move and rearrange a lot of these cases several times before they would all fit. It’s endearing watching the museum staff when it comes to moving heavy things. Everyone pitches in and helps to the best of their ability.

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