Mexico Set Up

Today we installed the Mexico exhibit. Everyone pitched in to help in order for it to get finished as soon as possible, since it opens to the public this week. Last week I had to go over and repaint all the exhibit walls a color the museum calls “Glamour Cow.” However, before I could paint it, I had to go through and sand away at some of the seams on the wall. Today we brought all the artifacts out of the Stable and began laying them out. Removing the plexiglass tops off of the cases is kind of difficult because we have to make sure to do it without getting finger prints all over them and they can be quite heavy depending on the size of the case. The hardest part is getting them back on the cases after we’ve added the artifacts, because we have to be really careful not to accidentally damage one of the case’s contents. I think the thing we struggled with the most were these tissue paper cutouts we were putting in a plexiglass case. Static electricity would cause them to lift up when we tried putting the plexiglass on. After removing the plexiglass 4 times and several pins and non-sticky tape later, we finally got them to stay down. However, about an hour later one of the tissue paper cutouts popped back up and was stuck to the plexiglass again. This time my boss had the ingenious idea of wiping the front of the plexiglass with a dryer sheet and the paper cutout detached itself from the plexi.

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