Exhibit Filing

Today I was trained on how to file all the information and paperwork we use for exhibits in our databases. It is pretty straightforward and I’ve worked with databases before so it didn’t take me very long to learn. I’m shocked at how much paperwork and informative documents go into filing for each exhibit. Some exhibits only have six items in them, while others can have upwards of hundreds of paperwork. I filed some exhibits from 2016 and it was interesting to see some of the exhibits I didn’t get to help with and get an understanding of the set up process. There is a considerable amount of work that goes into this stuff, and many exhibits are planned years in advance. I also have to file emails that are about the exhibit and some of them were pretty funny. It’s interesting to see how people in the museum interact with their colleagues and all the bantering that goes on about how they want things set up. Exhibit filings aren’t exactly my favorite thing since I prefer doing research, set up, and handling the artifacts. However, I understand that paperwork is part of every job.

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