Week 4

This week at the museum was filled with building and moving walls, and painting. We are getting ready to open more exhibits this month. There is a woodworking shop in the basement and we have an on-staff carpenter who builds all of the cases, walls, and anything else the museum may need for exhibitions. So far I have spent a significant amount of time helping him paint and move things around. I enjoy it because I would much rather be up and moving around than sitting at a desk all day. I’ve been an avid gym-goer for 4 or 5 years now, so I’m glad I know the proper way to lift heavy items. Some days I feel like I don’t even need to go to the gym because I spent so much time doing heavy lifting at work! Prior to working here I had never painted anything in my life so I was kind of nervous about messing up. It honestly wasn’t difficult at all and if I did mess up, it was easily fixed. If anything, I’m learning how much prep and physical labor goes in to setting up exhibits.

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