Week 3

I typically go into the museum everyday not really knowing what to expect. Today I helped set up our Haitian Drums exhibit. There was about 6 of us to help. Set up consisted of printing photographs, labels, and descriptive paragraphs. We also had to move walls and move some stuff in and out of storage. I’m surprised anyone can remember where we store things because there are storage areas all over the buildings that make up the Mathers Museum. After we had everything printed and ready to go for set up, we had to plan where we wanted everything to go. Our floor manager had to figure out lighting in order to make the exhibit look as appealing as possible. I never realized how much effort goes into the lighting and the way things are set up before. Most of us had to stay late since we were somewhat short handed for the installation. I got to work with an anthropologist who spends half of the year in Haiti. Some of the information she provided for the exhibit was fascinating and I really enjoyed working with her. This was the first exhibit I helped with and it felt good once we were finished.

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