INFO I301: Course Policies

Course Materials
I suggest that you bring a laptop with you to class – however you MUST be on task during class – it will come in handy during in-class assignments/work sessions. Laptops are STRONGLY encouraged but not required (except on presentation days).

You will also need a phone or recording device to VIDEO record your presentations on presentation day (for group presentations, only one member needs to have a recording and share with the rest of the group.)

I also suggest that you have a method for taking notes as well as a notebook/sketchbook to help with your projects.

All other readings or materials will be available to you online for FREE (unless you choose to use other materials for presentations)

Attendance will be taken every class. We will be completing some assignments during class time so it is beneficial to be present.

Please check for conflicts between class days and religious holidays, holy days, and the like. Please also be aware of any job interviews or other travel plans that might interfere with your coursework/attendance in class.

I can usually make arrangements, but it is CRUCIAL that we know about things ahead of time. If you are sick or need some sort of assignment extensions, etc… we will need some sort of official documentation for your situation.

Please do not plan on traveling until after the course has completed.

All course announcements will be made via Canvas “Announcements” as we are able to save them for future reference for you to review as needed.

Please email me at (and put “i301” or “PITP” in the subject line) AND copy the course AI/UI for any questions or concerns that you may have. Please DO NOT use Canvas messaging – We will only respond to messages sent via email.

We will try our best to return your emails within 24 hours – although, please understand that there are many times that it may be a little longer (especially over the weekend and during holidays).

Special Accommodations
If you have a disability or other issue that might require special arrangements, please let me know during the first week of class by email

All assignments will be delivered via Canvas. You will lose 50% of the assignment point value if it is late (you have a 1 hour buffer in case you have computer issues). After ONE 24 hr period, assignments will not be accepted (unless there is some pre-approved reason)

Group Work
I301 requires a lot of group work. In order to ensure that all group members are doing their portion of the group work, we will be using group evaluations AND a “group member removal protocol” – essentially, you may “fire” a group member for not pulling their weight with the project work.

Special Group Work Policies

Project Delivery Days
You MUST be present for the FIRST day of each group project (the day that it is delivered/started). Failure to be there on the first day will result in an automatic 50% reduction in your presentation grade (unless you have an excused absence).

Group Member Removal Protocol

In order to remove a member from your group, you must do the following:

  • There must be a majority vote to remove a member from the group.
  • ONE group representative should email and copy (CC:) ALL of your group members, including the member that you would like to remove.
    • In the email, list the reasons for removal. Reasons may include:
      • not communicating within a reasonable amount of time (responding to emails or texts within a timely manner) – establish that this timely manner looks like for your team when you first become a group
      • not providing the work as promised
      • not on task during meetings (texting, facebook, other homework, etc…)
      • other things (aggressive behavior, etc…)
      • Please attach any emails/images/files as appropriate
  • All cases will be looked into thoroughly and a final decision will be made by Nina
  • You are allowed defend against any claims made against you at any time.
  • The last day to remove a group member using this protocol is 72 hours prior to the due date.

If you are removed/fired from your group, you will be responsible for completing the ENTIRE assignment on your own, with NO extension. If you have any questions about this policy, please email me ASAP.

ANY rude, unprofessional, or disrespectful behavior or language by any party WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in an F on the project and possible University sanctions.

Academic/Personal Misconduct
INFO I301 adheres to ALL University policies including those that are included in the Student Code of Conduct. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any harassment, disrespectful behaviors, and the like. ANY and ALL instances of such will be dealt with quickly and will follow all formal University policies and procedures.

Academic misconduct is also taken extremely seriously – please be sure to ALWAYS carefully cite all of your work. Use MLA/APA, give credit when due, use quotation marks, provide works cited. Just to be 100% clear, academic misconduct can be copying someone else’s work, reusing work from another class, plagiarism, cheating during an exam, etc…

If you have questions, please let me know ASAP.

You MAY NOT reuse any work that has been completed for another class (Serve IT, other case project, paper, presentation, ANYTHING).

I MUST report anything that we consider to be academic misconduct, so please TRIPLE check your work. ANY and ALL instances of academic misconduct will be dealt with quickly and will follow all formal University policies and procedures.

Course Grade Breakdown

  • 10% Class attendance and participation (you must actively participate in EACH class – feedback forms, etc…)
  • 10% Presentation Reflections and Other Assignments (in class, readings, etc…)
  • 10% Presentation 1
  • 15% Presentation 2
  • 15% Presentation 3
  • 15% Presentation 4
  • 25% Case Competition (Final Presentation)

Grading Scale

  • A+ (99)
  • A (94)
  • A- (90)
  • B+ (87)
  • B (84)
  • B- (80)
  • C+ (77)
  • C (74)
  • C- (70)
  • D+ (67)
  • D (64)
  • D- (60)

SAFETY at Indiana University

As your instructors, one of our responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment on our campus. Title IX and our own Sexual Misconduct policy prohibit sexual misconduct. If you have experienced sexual misconduct, or know someone who has, the University can help. You are encouraged to visit to learn more. If you are seeking help and would like to speak to someone confidentially, you can make an appointment with a Mental Health Counselor on campus (contact information available here.

It is also important that you know that federal regulations and University policy require instructors to promptly convey any known information about potential sexual misconduct to our Deputy Title IX Coordinator or IU’s Title IX Coordinator. In that event, they will work with a small number of others on campus to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and resources are made available to the student who may have been harmed. Protecting a student’s privacy is of utmost concern, and all involved will only share information with those that need to know to ensure the University can respond and assist.

Additionally, we have a action guide for any emergencies that may arise while you are on campus. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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