INFO I301: Presentations for IT Professionals

Nina Onesti (
Senior Lecturer
SICE Undergraduate Annex
821 East 10th Street (NW corner of 10th and Woodlawn)
Office Hours: By appointment (best time is after class)

Eric Santiago (
Undergraduate Instructor
Office Hours: By appointment

This course (formerly known as INFO I399), will build on the knowledge and experience that you have already received both in your courses thus far (your public speaking course, etc…) and in real life (any other presentations). We will be using a “studio” format for our class meaning that some of our work will be done IN CLASS so that you will be able to receive immediate feedback for any questions, comments, and concerns that you may have. This course will be heavily project based so to offer the ability to have as much practice presentation and critique skills – including a Mini Case Competition sponsored by a company!

Course Goals & Objectives:
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Assess the needs of a project and to plan a presentation accordingly
  • Produce an engaging, professional, and aesthetically pleasing presentation
  • Present a clear, concise, and well rehearsed presentation
  • Recognize the unexpected nature of presentations and the ability to address these situations and scenarios properly
  • Deliver and address proper critique during and following a professional presentation
  • Develop supplemental documentation for presentations as appropriate (handouts, 1-sheets, case competition materials, etc…)
  • Work as a part of a team throughout the presentation stages (planning, practicing, and performing)

Writing Commons (Sandy Branham, University of Central Florida – “Business and Professional Writing Syllabus”)

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