Week 8!

Continued work on the Ostrom Project this week. Reading through the interview transcripts is equal parts tedious and enlightening. I had no idea about either Elinor or Vincent Ostrom so to read about their work, their impact on their field and IU is quite astonishing. Sometimes I forget just how big and expensive the research done at IU really is. 

This week I was able to attend a meeting with Dr. Truesdell for MCO/MDPI training. As more and more audio files of the interviews are digitized, the archive has to go through them and decide which one’s can be published on the public facing side and what (if any) restrictions those audio files might have. For example, many of the transcripts are edited by the interviewee- for clarity, to correct mistakes, or to simply make things not public. In these cases, we have a written note that researchers and users of the archive can only quote or use parts of the transcripts that have been approved by the interviewee. However, with the audio file this is much harder. If there are redactions in the audio file, how does the archive limit access to the corrected interview while still allowing access to the audio? It’s a hard question to answer but thankfully the archives and libraries on campus have legal counsel to turn to

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