Week 7!

Back, back, back again. After making such good progress on the “IU Oral History Archive”, Dr. Truesdell assigned me the task of creating the finding aid for an unpublished project. This project was a series of interviews which were part of a larger dissertation research. They focused on the life and work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom and their work at IU. The interviews were closed to public access until 2017 but with backlogs and other priorities they haven’t been made available. To create the finding aid I used an XML template created by Dr. Truesdell, then I read each interview, made scope and content notes, and filled in search terms and keywords. 

Before starting on this finding aid, I was completely unfamiliar with the work of the Ostroms. Come to find out, Elinor Ostrom was the first (and currently only) female receive the Nobel Prize in Economics Sciences for her work her analysis and work on the commons. I’d like to say I learned more about their work from the interviews but what I read I did not completely understand but I do know that they made major contributions to the field of economics

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