Week 12!

It. Is. Done. 

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done and the schedule I’ve maintained. I worked 16 hours a week in the archive on top of a full-time job. I had the advantage of my full-time job also being on campus but it was still hard to maintain. After all is said and done, I still have my sanity and all of my limbs. 

This week Dr. Truesdell and I talked about what I’ve accomplished and what I need improvement on. For the most part, my work was stellar, save for minor grammatical errors here and there- which should not be taken lightly BUT they are easy to fix. 

I didn’t wreck any projects and I completed what I set out to do- assist Dr. Truesdell in her work, learn about my chosen profession, and maintain my sanity.

Check. Check. Check.

Until next time! Except not. That’s a lie, there will be no next time. 

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