Final Thoughts

As M401 draws to a close, so too does the internship! I know I’ll do a final wrap-up by mid-August in presentation form, but I thought I’d add a blogpost as well.

My final project for Misti is setting up a mock instruction session from start to finish. First, I meet with a “professor” to find out more information about the undergraduate music history class I would be visiting to see what kind of instruction I could provide and what kind of students they have.

Next, I design the class! I create learning outcomes which are partially inspired by a frame or two from the ACRL Framework, and these outcomes inform my lesson plan. I get two 50-minute sessions. These sessions will involve a lecture and one activity.

The second meeting with the professor is my pitch. I have a physical handout to give to them, detailing my outcomes on one side and a general outline of the lesson plan and activity on the other.

Voila! Hopefully I woo the professor, and get to do the fun stuff: instruction!

This internship has been a wonderful introduction to instruction – an introduction that many budding librarians aren’t lucky enough to receive. It’s definitely confirmation that this is the aspect of librarianship that I’m most passionate about, alongside general outreach and reference. I’m glad I was able to confirm this hunch with such a respected adviser at such a respected school.

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