Libguide Madness! pt. 2

Today’s new skill: just…libguides? Google slides? Photoshop? iPhones? Sheep? iMovie?

Right now it’s just a lot of little things to tie together. I took A LOT of pictures. There was plenty of helpful text but not a lot of visuals. And I wanted the visuals to be fun, so I took the music library’s mascot, Sheepastian, along for the ride. I just used my iPhone, but then I still needed to crop and gussy up the photos in Adobe’s photoshop. Then I created google slideshows to embed in the libguide. But I didn’t just embed the slideshows. I used talltweets which is a website that turns google slideshows into gifs. Super handy! And then there was also the learning curve of just learning the ins and outs of the libguide creator. I’m not nearly done, and I’ve sunk a lot of time into this. Well, not sunk. I think I’m creating something pretty darn useful! Hopefully!

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