Bookmobile Adventures

This past Monday, I was able to take my first trip on the Bookmobile, which serves patrons that live further out in Monroe County. The Bookmobile carries out a limited selection of books, DVDs, audiobooks, and magazines for both adults and kids, and patrons can request certain items to be brought out for them on the Bookmobile’s route. The Bookmobile does follow the same route every week, and it usually sits at one stop for at least an hour so that patrons can visit and check out materials. I met the Bookmobile on its route, and I was able to see what went on and how patrons use it.

It was a pretty quiet night with only about ten patrons stopping in during the hour that I was there, but it but it was great to see how they interacted with the Bookmobile and the staff that was on it. The Bookmobile usually sees the same patrons coming again and again to one stop, so I could tell that people rely and enjoy having the Bookmobile in Monroe County. The staff on the Bookmobile recognized most of the patrons who stopped in, and they greeted them by name and asked how they were doing. I felt a sense of community while I was there, and I realized that as a librarian, you have to be aware that you need to provide service and reach everyone in your community, not just the people who show up to the main library building.

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