One More Week!!

Well, here I am, in the final stretch. As I finish writing this, I have 3 shifts left with the Marine Corps History Division, Archives Branch. With so little time left, I have little to report on. It’s been pretty much business as usual. So, I will have more to say with my last entry in a few days, but I will just briefly talk about my work the last few days here.

As I mentioned previously, I have been given smaller tasks in order to not have anything that I will leave undone when I leave for the summer. These projects have included more scanning and creating an inventory list of a collection of Marine Corps publications. 

For scanning, there is a collection of two boxes of photographs that inside mylar sheets, which can take up a lot more space than bare photographs but do give more protection to them. I started going through the collection last Tuesday, and made about 100 scans when something happened, the scanner did not want to turn back on. I did nothing to it, but so suddenly, this expensive piece of equipment decided to stop working while I was using. I did not know what to do, so I talked with some of the actual archivists. The next day, the head archivist brought down another one from a different branch that did not need to. I plugged that one in, and again, nothing happened. So, two scanners that were supposed to work suddenly did not work while I was using them. I tried several other options, including changing outlets, tightening cords, etc. Thankfully, after I left for the day the head archivist learned that it was the power cord that was broken, not the actual scanner, and there was nothing that I did to cause it!!

The other project was creating an inventory list of the archive’s collection of Marine Corps publications. This collection is kept in alphabetical order, but it has not been inputted properly into the electronic record system. There was no complete record of what was in each of the boxes, so I was tasked with creating a folder level inventory of what is inside the collection. This was about 2 full days of work and covered 85 boxes that averaged 20 folders per box. This was a fairly tedious task, but I am glad I got to do it and that it will be useful for the archives in the future. 

Other than that, I have had a pretty relax last few days. It is exciting to be at the end of such a great summer looking forward to my last year of my grad program.

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  1. Oh, Malachai! My heart almost “stopped” for you when 2 expensive machines in a row failed while you were using them! I’m thankful for the outcome! And thankful you’ve had this useful summer experience!

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