Just another week with the Marine Corps.

As my internship keeps moving along, I continue to develop a routine with my work with the Marine Corps, which definitely in a type on mundaneness to it from my perspective. As I continue to think of blog posts, my fear is that I run out of interesting stories to tell. However, I will keep posting for the duration of my internship, if nothing else because I need it for credit, haha. I also know that there are several people that have been reading my posts consistently, and I am continually grateful for that support and the feedback I have gotten. Just please bare with me if my blogposts see a dib in content the next few entries.

In terms of work this past week. I have been continuing to work with the Holland Smith photographs, uploading and describing them on the archive’s Flickr page. I finished the scanning an initial upload process. I cannot tell you how many hours I put into that part of the project, but I have been working on it off and on for about a month or longer. I could not work on it consistently because of other small project I was working on, it is also so much work that the tedium of it is more than I can normally handle just straight through.

The next step is to finish describing the photos and rescanning some photos that I did not scan properly the first time. In total I was just shy of 900 hundred scanned photographs. There was one day last week where I got to spend my 9-hour shift just working on that part of the project. During the course of my shift, I worked through 12 “pages” (by how Flickr populates on their editing page). 12 of a total 46 pages, seeing as I cannot normally commit that much time to this project in one day, I expect to be working on this project for the remainder of the summer.

In addition to the Holland Smith photos, I have helped get boxes of collections for researchers coming into the archives. The more public facing end of an archives is something I have always found enjoyable, and I can definitely see myself working as an archivist that is servicing research requests and helping patrons as the chief duty of my job. I have not gotten to directly help a patron with a research question, but the small interactions I have had have been generally agreeable.

Also, I have been helping my supervisor catalog panoramic photos that are part of the oversized and flat-folder collection. This is always entertaining because you never know what kind of photos you will come across as you try to better describe photos that have been set aside within the archive’s material.

Other than those projects, I have not worked on anything noteworthy this past week. I hope you got something out of what I have shared, and please ask me any questions or leave feedback after reading this post. It is greatly appreciated.  

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