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For this week I am going to tone it back a bit and just share some of the projects I am working on. Tomorrow I leave for a vacation to New England, which has distracted me from pulling together some more detailed.

I have still been digitizing the photos of the Holland Smith collection. For those of you that do not remember, I had mentioned him before as the Lieutenant General at Iwo Jima (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland_Smith) . A lot of these photos have been pretty mundane and and normal family photos, but it is great to be able to preserve a portion of this American hero’s life.

The other big project I have been working on is processing the collection for Marine John Maynard, who served in the Pacific of WWII and was injured at the Battle of Peleliu. I will copy and past the content of scope of the collection for you can get an idea of what I was looking for as I processed the collection.


This collection consists of several different types of materials ranging from publications, photographs, and correspondence concerning the life and military career of marine John Maynard. The collections materials date from c. 1942-2010. However, the bulk of which is connected with Peleliu and radio intelligence/cryptography during World War II. This collection gives a wealth of information about the history and importance of radio intelligence, which is valuable outside of the immediate context of Maynard’s life. Also, the information concerning Peleliu reflects the life of a Marine serving there in World War II, as well as a soldier returning to visit 50 years later. Something that is also very valuable. The correspondence also reflects the life of a marine serving serving in the Pacific in World War II, having multiple letters to family and loved ones. The photos also contain several tourist photos from China that include images of the Japanese surrender in China. 

Biographical Notes:

Maynard was born September 15, 1921 in Clarkston, Washington. He graduated highschool in 1941 and enlisted in the Marines, going to code school at Camp Lejeune, and  serving in the Pacific Theater in World War II from 1942-46, serving as a radio intelligence operator. He served in the Battle of Peleliu where he was injured. After leaving the Marines he married Betty Lou Mitchell in 1946 and started attending Gonzaga University where he graduated in 1952 with a law degree. He worked in law for the remanded of his professional career eventually becoming a district judge, which he did for 20 years, retiring in 1987. John was also a member of the Marine Corps Cryptologic Association, which planned and coordinated a trip to Peleliu in 1994 for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Peleliu. Maynard died in Lewiston, Idaho November 22, 2010. 


1921: Born in Clarkston, Washington

1942: Began serving with the Marine Corps in the Pacific

1944: Injured at the Battle of Peleliu

1946: Honorably discharged from the Marine Corps;

          Married Betty Lou Mitchell

1952: Graduated from Gonzaga with a law degree

1987: Retired as a district judge

1994: Went to Peleliu for the 50th anniversary of the battle

2010: Died in Lewiston, Idaho


This collection is arranged alphabetically. Also, when appropriate the subject of the folder is put first. For example, photos and correspondence precede a further description of the content. The folders are than alphabetized after that.  

Those were the two big projects that took up the majority of my time this past week. So, I think this is where I will end this blog post. Like always, please reach out if you have any questions or comments. I really appreciate all of the support I have been getting through this summer.

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  1. Glad to hear how your summer is going. The details do matter and not everyone gets that. Prayers for a safe and enlightening trip to New England. Love, your summer Dad

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