July 31, 2019: The Last Day

Today was the last day of my internship at the history center. It is amazing to think ten weeks went by so quickly and I am now done. This was undoubtedly a rewarding experience, as I learned to use PastPerfect software to catalog items within the collection and make them accessible for other users. More… Read more »

July 17, 2019: Preserving the Uncomfortable

While I have found items related to cooking or war, today I cataloged an item sobering to read, but important to preserve. I came across a copy of the 1923 by-laws for the Monroe County chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in one of the boxes, which was initially surprising to find. Reading through it… Read more »

July 10, 2019: Be Sure to Pay Attention

Today my supervisor informed me I made a small mistake when I put the re-labeled boxes back on the shelves. At some point I inadvertently labeled Box 6 as Box 5, meaning there were now two Box 5’s on the shelf, and subsequently making all boxes I subsequently renamed also mislabeled. While I hoped this… Read more »

July 9, 2019: Changes in Food Safety

One aspect I like about looking through old cookbooks is discovering how food safety has evolved. While one could easily argue sardine salad is not safe for consumption, reading about chemicals used in food can be frightening. Reading through the old cookbooks gives a good example of how food safety has evolved over the last… Read more »

July 3, 2019: A New Appreciation for Archivists

When I pulled the box I was supposed to work on off the shelf, I did not expect it to be the most challenging box I have cataloged during the course of the internship. As I began looking for items in PastPerfect, the history center’s cataloging software, it became apparent the entirety of the box’s… Read more »

June 20, 2019: Can Cake Be Healthy?

As written previously, I love leafing through old cookbooks and finding recipes that today seem outlandish. Today I discovered “Kitchen Craft: The Natural System of Cooking.” Personally, I’m not a big fan of cake. I worked in catering and became burned out on cake after working so many weddings. Despite my hesitance toward cake, I… Read more »

June 19, 2019: The Red Cross and Prisoners of War

Among the items I cataloged today is a newsletter printed by the American Red Cross titled, “Red Cross Prisoners of War Bulletin,” dated September 1943. These bulletins were delivered to families whose relatives were prisoners of war across the world. Topics covered included information on the locations of prison camps and the conditions within the… Read more »

June 12, 2019: Who’s Up for Bowling?

I am always interested in finding items that seem random, but are nonetheless fascinating. Today I found an award certificate from the American Bowling Congress for Eberle Hardware in Bloomington. Eberle Hardware won the local league championship for the 1956-1957 season. Since I collect baseball cards, I found similarities between the cards I collect and… Read more »

June 4, 2019: Sardine Salad Anyone?

One of the things I have loved about going through items is the amount of cookbooks and little kitchen gadgets contained within the boxes. I personally love to cook, and I’m always up for looking through a cookbook for new recipe. The book I found today, “The Salad Bowl,” piqued my interest as it is… Read more »

5/22/2019: Honoring those Lost in World War II

Among the items I cataloged today were materials related to the American Battle Monuments Commission, a government organization tasked with overseeing the maintenance and care of U.S. military cemeteries and monuments overseas. The items I cataloged were pamphlets and correspondence between the ABMC and the family of C. Donald Hayes, a Bloomington resident who died… Read more »