June 4, 2019: Sardine Salad Anyone?

“The Salad Bowl,” dedicated to the wonders of using mayonaise.

One of the things I have loved about going through items is the amount of cookbooks and little kitchen gadgets contained within the boxes. I personally love to cook, and I’m always up for looking through a cookbook for new recipe. The book I found today, “The Salad Bowl,” piqued my interest as it is devoted to the wonders of mayonnaise and all that can be accomplished with this gelatinous condiment. Personally, I like mayo, but in limited quantities like on a sandwich or in chicken or tuna salad. Though I love tuna salad, I was not prepared to discover sardine salad in “The Salad Bowl,” and I was left wondering how anyone could eat that. I have no problems with eating sardines, after all they are great for the memory, but mixed with mayo? I’ll pass, but thanks just the same. I’ve included a picture for everyone’s enjoyment and possibly for their reference if they are so inclined to try this strange concoction.

The recipe for sardine salad, taken from “The Salad Bowl.”

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