June 20, 2019: Can Cake Be Healthy?

Recipe for Health Cake, featured in “Kitchen Craft: The Natural System of Cooking.”

As written previously, I love leafing through old cookbooks and finding recipes that today seem outlandish. Today I discovered “Kitchen Craft: The Natural System of Cooking.” Personally, I’m not a big fan of cake. I worked in catering and became burned out on cake after working so many weddings.

Despite my hesitance toward cake, I found myself looking at the cake recipes and marveling at the variety contained within. Among the cakes I looked at, I found one oddly titled Health Cake. Looking at the recipe, it quickly became apparent this was not a cake using healthier ingredients to give health conscious eaters a lighter option. Instead, this cake utilizes a cup of soft butter and two kinds of flour in addition to raisins and nuts. Once it is ready for baking, the cake is placed in a baking dish coated with even more butter, making me wonder when the cake becomes healthy. Interestingly, I catered a wedding featuring only vegan options, including the cake. That cake was certainly healthier, but the taste I’m sure was nothing like health cake.

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