July 31, 2019: The Last Day

The finished product. The top two shelves and one more just out of view have been re-cataloged and re-labeled.

Today was the last day of my internship at the history center. It is amazing to think ten weeks went by so quickly and I am now done. This was undoubtedly a rewarding experience, as I learned to use PastPerfect software to catalog items within the collection and make them accessible for other users. More importantly, this internship gave me the opportunity to appreciate the value of local history centers. These institutions are vital to preserving local memory and documenting the lives of ordinary people. I became particularly interested in looking at the local impact of global events like World War II. Overall I enjoyed my experience at the history center. It greatly aided in giving me much needed experience for the job market and gave me another way of appreciating the role of archives for preserving memory and making the information accessible to the public.

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