July 10, 2019: Be Sure to Pay Attention

Boxes 5-8 on shelf F-1. Box 6 was mistakenly labeled as Box 5, resulting in two Box 5’s, and extra work for me.

Today my supervisor informed me I made a small mistake when I put the re-labeled boxes back on the shelves. At some point I inadvertently labeled Box 6 as Box 5, meaning there were now two Box 5’s on the shelf, and subsequently making all boxes I subsequently renamed also mislabeled. While I hoped this was just a minor mistake I could fix by simply slapping new label stickers to the boxes, I realized this was not the case once I started going through the materials to see if I had mislabeled their locations. As I went through what was supposed to be Box 6, I discovered I had entered items in Box 6 as being in Box 5, meaning I had to go back and change all the locations to the correct location. Unfortunately this was not limited to just Box 6, as what was supposed to be Box 7 was now labeled as Box 6 and what was supposed to Box 8 was labeled as Box 7. Luckily the latter two boxes were quickly fixed by changing their labels, but by the end of the day I realized how tenuous, yet important, giving the correct labels is when organizing information for others to locate. The problem was indeed solved, but it certainly gave me a valuable lesson for organizing collections.

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