Spring Internship, Week 1

To start off this semester’s internship, I first met with my internship supervisor Misti Shaw to go over what I hope to gain out of this internship and her expectations of me for this internship. We agreed upon three project that would produce tangible results and experiences by the end of the internship.

The first project is to analyze reference statistics gathered at the music library between the years 2016 and early 2019. Although the sample size is relatively small, there would be plenty of information to gather from it, especially when examined in conjunction with changes made to the music library during that period, such as renovations that added a wall between the lobby and reference desk and the later relocation of the reference desk.

The second project is to create a reserves list database for the reserves coordinator at the music library. Because the reserves lists are only available online and by semester, there was no easy way to pull a comprehensive list for faculty members who requested their reserves lists from previous years. The goal of database would be to simplify this process for the reserves coordinator and to produce data that could be analyzed if necessary.

The final project of my internship is to create a digital exhibit for the music library which will feature special items at the music library, chosen by its staff. The goal of this exhibit is to help the music library further stand out among other music libraries in the nation through these special items and giving the music library staff a chance to speak about these items.

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