Internship, week 8

There were the usual orders that were waiting for me this week, so I took care of those without any trouble. I had become more efficient with the process, so I didn’t need to spend as much time on ordering as I did in the first few weeks of ordering materials. Nothing really caught my attention as I was ordering this time around, as it was primarily music of the common practice era from well-known composers.

The search for compositions began this week, which was a laborious ordeal. A simple Google search would often suffice, leading me to a Wikipedia page with a works list, but other times composers were under-researched and did not have much information about them in English. When that failed, I looked through their New Grove articles in hopes of finding more information. Sometimes I would be successful, other times I would come up empty handed. Having spent a considerable amount of time trying to find works by composers, I decided to put the search to rest until the following week.

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