Internship, week 7

Unlike the previous week, I received a large list of materials to order. None of the materials were requested by faculty, but were all hand-picked by Dr. Cochran from a monthly newsletter that wasn’t on an approval plan. While I was ordering the items, I decided to start a mental experiment of guessing how expensive an item was based on its genre, composer, prevalence, and age. There were some items in which I was able to guess somewhat accurately, but others left me completely confused as to how cheap (or expensive) it was.

Realizing that my research was becoming too focused and ended up leading to too many dead ends, I backtracked and worked on taking a broader approach to find more composers. Using a New Grove article on female composers, I was able to discover a few more female Nordic composers. I was a bit disheartened however, since the New Grove would have been my best chance at discovering new composers and I was only able to find 6 more for a total of 7. I decided to end my search for new composers at this point and focus instead on discovering what works they composed the following week.

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