Internship, week 4

For this week, it was business as usual. More scores were ordered from both Harrassowitz and Theodore Front, some of them at the request of music faculty. The other scores that I ordered were fairly interesting, but I noticed that none of them fit the area that I planned on developing. I wasn’t sure if this was done intentionally by Dr. Cochran since I would be focusing on developing that area or if it was because that area generally doesn’t get much attention, but I was leaning towards the latter explanation. This was a bit of a relief for me, as I felt that my decision to develop Nordic music was justified.

I also spent some time perusing the books that I found the previous week, reading more about Danish and Norwegian composers. From one of the books, I discovered the Norwegian composer Pauline Hall, which I jotted down to research in the future. She was a remarkable figure, though little about her is documented in English, and it gave me the idea to focus on collecting music from not only Nordic composers, but particularly female Nordic composers when possible.

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